08 Productions is a Media and Events company established in March 2014. With an aim to keep the city's culture, signature cuisine and local talent in mind, Q8 Productions has two main business projects: The 08 Food Festival and The 08 Food Festival will be the first of its kind, open air consumer food festival to be held in Kuwait in March 2015. The website is an expat e-newsletter and website targeting expat news and information specificailly targeted to expat's lifestyles and interests.

Q8 Productions is incorporating a business model for the Q8 Food Festival that launched successful food and beverage festivals for 7 consecutive years in South Florida, USA. Joining forces in a culturally connected partnership, Q8 Productions combines International, Regional, and Local talents to coordinate this major event.


Caroline Rosinski

Caroline began her career in sales for Media Fusion, a touch screen technology company. She then joined the Marketing Department of Al-Ahli bank of Kuwait in 1995. Her increasingly expanding roles included the implementation of a customer service program, employee service quality and sales training, writing press releases, Editor of AlAhli News, annual report editing, and she assisted in the conceptualization and implementation of retail banking marketing campaigns. She subsequently headed the bank’s Marketing Department for several years. Currently Caroline sits on the Board of Governors at The English School of Kuwait, and has been actively involved in fundraising events and community service for the past 10 years.

Michelle Lambros

Michelle began her career in event management, founding her own company in political fundraising and corporate conferences. She then worked for ten years in telecommunications management, at AT&T and Compuserve of Mexico, gaining further management and marketing experience as she worked up to executive management roles, She then returned to her entrepreneurial roots and founded a retail beverage store and created and produced a food and beverage festival that promoted her core business. She produced and managed 7 consecutive festivals, creating community awareness for the festival and for her core retail business. She moved to Kuwait 5 years ago, where she has been involved in fundraising and event projects at The English School Kuwait, before co-founding and Q8 Productions.