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Frost Gelato

Frost Gelato is the co-sponsor for kids zone

One of the most important aspects of our gelato is that it is made fresh daily in our store. To combat the age-old problem of supply and demand, we have invested in and created the most up-to-date gelato production facility. Our gelateria will allow us to create and produce fresh authentic Italian gelatos and sorbets daily.

We deemed it necessary to import all of our ingredients from Italy with the exception of milk and sugar. It was only natural that we also stayed consistent with the authenticity of our machinery. Therefore, we have ordered all of our gelato equipment and display cases directly from Italy . These machines and cases will not only replicate the identical procedures and process to which gelato is made, but it will also create an authentic gelateria feel, similar to the thousands in Italy.

Our gelato making, through modern electronics, will ensure that all of the quality characteristic of our gelatos and sorbets, in terms of texture and overrun, stay consistent and authentic. This will allow us to create the freshest and most flavorful gelatos and sorbets daily.


Nesquik - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival


Nesquik is the co-sponsor for kids zone

Rauch - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival


RAUCH. Fruit, Family and Nature. Since 1919.
FAMILY -Who we are:Since 1919 we are a family company. Our motivated team and consistent high quality are the basis of our success. This made us one of the leading juice companies in Europe, satisfying the thirst for fruit in about 100 countries.
FRUITS -What we do: Drinking is one of life’s essentials. But Rauch offers more - a family of beverages, unified by the same qualities: fruity, natural, pure and fresh. Our brands combine trends and tradition, filled with pleasure, health and refreshment.
NATURE -How we care: We respect nature as the origin of our most important asset, the fruit. We strive to handle natural resources gently and to organize our processing sustainable and environmental friendly. All these values are symbolized by the Rauch Tree.