PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTS - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival
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Al Dente  - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival
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Al Dente

Al Dente is renowned for the quality of its freshly baked pizzas and home-made pasta creations. The restaurant selection attracts all guest craving for Italian cuisine. It offers traditional menu that is a true interpretation of the chef, a revived longing for Italian cuisine outside traditional preparations to offer something new and different.

Sea Food
AlBoom - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival
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Savor the charcoal-grilled seafood, steak and other specialties of Al Boom. Kuwait visitors will want to experience this unique dining venue aboard a traditional Arabic dhow. Sumptuous teak with gold-leaf accents gives this landlocked vessel the atmosphere of luxury sailing. Complete your VIP experience with expertly brewed coffee in the Captain's Diwaniya.

The Al Boom Restaurant, a traditional wooden dhow, offers fresh seafood and savory steaks. Dining in this iconic restaurant, one can sense the aura of Arabic hospitality at its finest.

Arirang Restaurant - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival
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Arirang Restaurant

“Taste the uniqueness of the Korean Kitchen”

Arirang features an authentic Korean menu and a healthy variety of Korean crafted dishes with a cozy restaurant atmosphere. 

B&B Navy Burger & Burrito - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival

B&B Navy Burger & Burrito

A fusion of the best American and Mexican Food

ChocoCafe - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival


Inspired by a love affair with great coffee and rich, smooth, delicious chocolate. A dynamic, hotspot: the place in Kuwait to see and be seen. Fabulous, frivolous, fun. An exhilarating sensory experience with sensational style .

Chococafe menu offers an unrivalled selection of homemade hot chocolates and specialty coffees enjoyed with, cakes, paninis, salads, antipasti, grills, pastries and much more. Experience with sensational style.

Cioccolat Italiani - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival
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Cioccolat Italiani

CioccolatItaliani has a clear mission: to create a new chocolate culture throughout the various ways chocolate is offered and manipulated. Inside our shops chocolate is found in coffee, gelato, desserts and pasta.

It is much more than a new destination, cioccolatItaliani is a new revolutionary concept to display at its core chocolate in all its forms.

Cafes and Bistros
Costa Coffee - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival

Costa Coffee

Coffee is our passion. With over 40 years in the business, we’ve discovered the finest beans, equipment and techniques to ensure every cup of coffee makes the grade.

We have over 10,000 passionate people that help deliver an unbeatable coffee experience worldwide. Our teams are expertly trained to handcraft every coffee in store.

So whatever your choice of coffee, whether it’s a small and powerful espresso, a long and smooth latte, or something a bit sweet and frothy, we’ve got the right drink to tickle your tastebuds.

Dogmatic - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival


The brand is dedicated to “The Philosophy of Hot Dogs”, purveying fine hot dogs from all around the world as well as adapting classic food dishes into ones involving hot dogs. The restaurant serves both a la carte hot dogs and customized hot dogs made by our customers with our Hot Dog Philosopher at our custom fabricated hot dog cart.


Dogmatic serves both quality interpretations of classic hot dog dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of hot dog cuisine and food in more general terms. A further new location in Abu Hasaniya ( Mall 30 ) is in the works and will launch in May 2017.

Dogmatic's interior, designed by award-winning interior designers, reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area in The Cube Mall (Salmiya ) while also paying tribute to inspirations and past stories from diners and street vendors in Boston and New York.

The restaurant offers the choice to observe passers-by in the bar-like seats next to our large windows, or lay back and enjoy time with friends in our comfortable dining room booths.

ElMariachi - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival


Mr. Falafel - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival

Mr. Falafel

Munch - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival
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At Munch, we offer a mural of unique culinary talent using bold and daring flavors. Our original creations are made on site daily and presented on a tastefully designed setting.

We don’t buy anything besides raw materials. We don’t use additives or preservatives, and we don’t freeze or refrigerate for long periods of time. All of our masterpieces are created from scratch.

Our chefs are carefully trained in ingredient selection. Each ingredient is skillfully selected and speaks loudly to your, sometimes unexplored, palette. And we do this boldly, with no restrictions, daring to pair textures and flavors like only a 6 year old would…except our combinations leave you franticly craving for more.

Original Doner - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival

Original Doner

Peacock - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival
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Peacock Chinese Restaurant is known for its appetizing range of cuisine from China’s various regions. Framed Chinese artifacts, paintings and traditional decorations develop the exotic ambiance.

Enjoy the renowned dining experience filled with the flavor of china at the Peacock Chinese Restaurant. The oriental ambience is underlined by the Chinese artifacts and decorations.

Wendy's - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival


Alghanim Industries, one of the largest private companies in the region, opened its first Wendy’s® store in Kuwait: the world’s third largest quick-service hamburger restaurant.

Whisk - Taste of Kuwait - Kuwait food festival